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Become Pac-Man in this arcade game

Bandai Namco is bringing the popular arcade game with a twist with Pac-Man Geo. This game will allow you to play the classic game using actual locations from around the globe. It takes the famously-hungry yellow ball to the mazes based on real-world streets. Using the Google Maps app, the players can have Pac-Man visit cities, both big and small. You can play Pac-Man in the real world and battle other players for the leaderboard. 

Pac-Man in your area

Pac-Man Geo assumes the same map-based gameplay as Pokémon Go. In the game, you will need to go outside and create new mazes out of the streets in your city. Like the classic arcade game, there is still the collection aspect in this title. There is still the need to earn high-scores and beat other players on the leaderboard. This time, however, earning high scores will also unlock collectible landmarks. Like the original title, the items you collect will help Pac-Man, so make sure to grab them. 

However, unlike Pokémon Go, your map is not only limited to your area. In this game, you can also make and play mazes anywhere. From Arc de Triomphe and Times Square to Shibuya, Tokyo, you can explore famous landmarks, not just your neighborhood. Moreover, if you discover a great maze, you can use the maze-sharing function so that other players can also experience it. You can also participate in Tour Mode, where you compete with other players in stages set in famous locations. This mode comes with limited time—however, winning in this mode will place you high in the world ranking and earn you limited-edition avatars and badges. 

As far as map-based games go, this one offers an interesting concept. However, the actual execution needs improvement. For one, competition in your neighborhood depends on whether there are other players in your vicinity. There won’t be any courses or high scores to bother with if no one else is playing. There are also other issues that are bothersome, including unresponsive controls and intrusive full-screen ads. The mazes also need more work as streets often have dead-ends. Moreover, the app only allows you to save your progress using Facebook and Twitter

Not ready for prime-time

With Pac-Man Geo, you can play the well-loved game on your city streets. The core of the game remains, allowing you to literally stroll down memory lane. However, the game is still in a rough patch. There are tons of technical issues that will definitely affect your gaming. As it is, the game is still not ready to battle popular map-based games that players have come to love.


  • Retained the core gameplay of the original title
  • Features popular real-life locations
  • Competitive leaderboard
  • Allows sharing of mazes


  • Unresponsive controls
  • Mazes need more work
  • Intrusive ads


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PAC-MAN GEO 1.0.2 for iPhone


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